Catalog App

Catalouge App - Mobile App Development

Every community needs resources to explore the local businesses, events, news, travelling, weather and social places to get familiar with surroundings and staying update about recent happenings. Our Catalog app helps users whether residents or visitors, to stay in touch with the native community meetings, social gatherings, schools, shops, clubs or cafes etc. It also promotes latest deals and exclusive offers at the open market or an online business. This app helps locals to be well-informed and travellers to get to know what the locals have to offer.

Client needs to implement this concept for both Apple and Android users to use the app conveniently. We used Swift for iOS, whereas Java and XML for Android devices. It is compatible with version 8.0 and above for iOS and version 4.0.3 and up for Android.

Catalog app is free to use and has slide up based menu. It have long list of categories from schools, worship and clubs to travel, Local or shops etc. The will require permission of the following from the user.

  • Can access calendar
  • Can access phone
  • Read the contents of USB storage
  • Receive data from Internet
  • Prevent app to sleep


  • Discover latest updates and offers
  • Contact with local businesses. (Alphabetically)
  • Know about local news, travel schedules and weather
  • Find exclusive deals from local businesses
  • Stay up-to-date with your community groups, clubs, schools and places of worship