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Greeting card software is a complete customized card printing ecommerce webshop software. The software is developed in Web CodeIgniter 3 using PHP7, Twitter BootStrap, Jquery and Fabric.js technologies.

The online product allows you to sell customizable cards. It is a complete package that contains ready-to-go e-commerce webshop presenting your brand. Main feature is user friendly card editor filled with card templates and images. It also generates high quality PDF file that is emailed to a printing facility using our third party API integration services. Each component of Greeting card software is focused on user experience, multi device compatibility and conversion. The product has been built to accommodate small online businesses.

Greeting card software Admin Panel offers custom CMS, Ecommerce management and card editor to create new cards. Simple and sleek front-end design provides ultimate user experience of card customization and smooth ecommerce flow.


What You Can Sell.

Our Greeting card software is for anyone who wants to have a web shop to sell customizable card of any kind and size. You can pick our shop to start business of

  • greeting cards
  • baby birth cards
  • wedding cards
  • baby shower cards
  • party cards
  • Christmas cards
  • business cards.

You can also add more categories to shop like card stationery, stickers, address labels or envelopes.


card print shop demo


Product Features

Admin Panel:

Admin panel of Greeting card software includes complete CMS to manage pages along with contents and blog   section. You can access user profile and system settings. To keep it fairly simple, it allow user to view and manage registered users and subscribers. Furthermore, you can manage email templates and Newsletters from the back-end. For card template settings, you can add and edit card categories, sizes, fonts, colors, paper types and images etc. You can add new products and manage previous ones from the Products section. Whereas sample packs can also be added in products. To handle all ecommerce processes, you can view and manage from Orders section.


The design and layout of front-end is developed using Twitter Bootstrap library. Layout and flow of website is highly user-driven. End-user can navigate through the site with ease and can access the functionalities effortlessly. Most noteworthy feature is simple yet efficient card editor that allows customers to create, edit and order custom cards for more personalized look. Registered users can create designs and save them in account to order or edit later. User area allows customers to keep track of their designs and orders. Other significant features include blog, social media links and live chat.


Greeting card software ecommerce functionality is developed in custom PHP. Providing complete ecommerce functions and processes including shop page, product detail pages, cart and checkout. Also you can manage orders and sales coupons for your shop from Admin panel for effective marketing campaigns to increase profits and achieve customers’ satisfaction.

Payment Methods:

The application is equipped with multiple payment methods to accommodate maximum number of users around the world. Current listed payment methods are Paypal, master and visa credit cards. We can also add more payment methods like iDeal and Stripe etc on request.

Integration with Printing Company:

Not only we provide custom card ordering solution but also we help you to integrate your online shop with printing company you are connected with. We will integrate printing company API into Greeting card software for automation of order printing. The PDF file of ordered card will be emailed directly to the printing company. And the order status will be updated through cron job in back-end system.


Greeting card software offers branding with functionality. We can customize the whole website for you with your own company logo, change theme to reflect your unique brand concept and display your partners. Therefore we offer you a website with your own brand, products and rules.

Mobile Friendly:

Greeting card software is responsive and mobile friendly application. It is compatible with multiple browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc. Highly responsive for all screen resolutions and mobile devices, smart phones and tablets. As the number of mobile users are increasing worldwide, consequently it will engage growing mobile users to escalate the business profit.

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