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MailChimp for GigPress WordPress Plugin

GigPress is a famous WordPress plugin for listing live performances and their management inside WordPress website. With over 10,000 active installs, GigPress is a unique and popular plugin.

However, there was no plugin to use gigs data in MailChimp to share through email to website subscriber lists.

Being a MailChimp certified expert company, clients approach us for email marketing services. A UK client recently approached The Right Software to MailChimp automation services for his WordPress website. The plugin we were to develop, would send emails to subscribers from MailChimp but with GigPress data built into campaigns. Hence we decided to add all security and best practices advised by WordPress and uploaded to It was accepted thankfully.

MailChimp for GigPress WordPress Plugin is created to automate the campaigns creation in MailChimp with custom data of events gathered from GigPress automatically.

This plugin works as follows,

  • Install GigPress and create data for your gigs
  • Install MailChimp for WordPress plugin
  • Add MailChimp API key
  • MailChimp for GigPress will import your email templates and your subscriber lists.
  • Select gigs to send and schedule from the form as show below.

This is a must have plugin for GigPress WordPress websites.


Plugin Screen - MailChimp for GigPress WordPress Plugin

Download MailChimp for GigPress from

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