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Miinto Feeds WordPress Plugin for Simple Products

Miinto Feed plugin is a Woocommerce plugin used to download products information in tab separated values (TSV) format for Miinto feeds. This is only for Simple products.

What is Miinto

Miinto is the biggest online fashion network in Europe created for all the fashion-forward consumers who demands the same high level service and experience as when they are shopping at their local shops offline. Their aim is to help retailers to increase their sales with existing product inventory in store, Instead of buying stock wholesale.
By providing a Product feed to Miinto, it ensure automatic synchronization of your products to the Miinto Platform.

How to install Miinto Feeds plugin

  • Go to plugin section in WordPress and click on Add Now.
  • Upload plugin or Search there in plugin section and then click on install.
  • Activate it in plugin Section.

How to use Miinto feeds plugin

  • After activation go to Woo Commerce tab , there is a sub tab with label Miinto Feeds.
  • Click on this Miinto Feeds sub tab , it will go to plugin page
  • On plugin page there is button labeled as Create Feeds , when you click on this button it will create feeds on WordPress directory
  • File which is created by plugin will be named as miintofeed.txt.
  • It will also show file path.
  • It will also show download path, when you click on download path it will show created feeds in browser because browse read txt file format.

Miinto-feed- plugin

Mandatory Attributes in Miinto feeds

Mandatory Attributes in Miinto feeds which is mostly missing in simple products are color and size of product so you can add these attribute by own.

How to assign Color and Size to product

When you activate the plugin it will activate a meta box in product section. This meta box has to 2 input box for color and size and here you can add color and size of simple product, it will not affect on any functionality or appearance of product.


Download Miinto Feeds from wordpress.org

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