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PHP Web Development

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We provide expert custom software development services of exceptional finesse and longevity.

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What is PHP?

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessing) is a computer language which has been used extensively for creating websites and has almost taken over the web in number of organizations favoring it over more complex languages like Ruby or Python. Companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo! have used or are still using PHP.

Php Web Development

For our own clients with slightly lower budgets, we suggest to go with PHP as it brings comfort and low entry point for all. PHP Hostings are cheaper and developers feel comfortable with PHP. We develop mobile ready software and rich websites that are easy to use, have better conversion with ecommerce and a better experience for end users.

Our professional expertise focus on ecommerce website development for online businesses, responsive websites and theme customizations for unique websites, personal and corporate business solutions, enterprise applications, business process automations and integration. We are also able to develop content management systems (WordPress, Laravel, Magento).

As experienced and trusted Web Software Company, we hire dedicated and motivated developers that master in technologies like PHP, WordPress, Laravel, CodeIgniter and AngularJS etc. We are determined to provide solid, secure and flexible web solutions.

Platforms We Excel At

We work with these technologies

Custom Wordpress Development

We offer professional work in WordPress. We create themes and plugins. We integrate payment methods and shipping methods. We speed up website and clean up hacked WordPress Websites.

Laravel Framework Development

Laravel has taken over the PHP Framework scene by a storm. At The Right Software, we love to work with new tools and technologies and Laravel certainly is a speciality. With last 5 custom projects in Laravel, we are becoming a Laravel Company.

Codeigniter Framework Development

For a faster turn-around and smaller projects, Laravel may be a bit of an overkill. CodeIgniter does the job perfectly as we have portfolio projects in CodeIgniter 2 and 3.

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