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Solution Overview

We develop the affiliate marketing solutions for our customers. Affiliate marketing entails marketing eCommerce goods and services for a set commission. These solutions manifest themselves in Cashback websites (also called Reward and Loyalty points websites). Similarly, we can produce other affiliate marketing solutions.

We are the best affiliate marketing services company as we work with top tools and developers with more than 10 years of experience catering to Cashback and related websites industry.

Contact us so we can understand and develop the best cashback site for your niche market.

Affiliate Solutions We Can Develop

Cashback Website

Reward/Loyalty Points websites

Coupon/Discount Codes website

Product feeds

Price Comparison Website

Own Affiliate Network

Cashback Browser Extension

Cashback Toolbar

What features do I get with Cashback Website Development?

The Right Software has built a strong reputation with clients all across the globe in affiliate marketing projects. We have worked hard to acquire domain knowledge and industry repertoire to reach this height.

Every cashback and affiliate solution we create will have these powerful features to choose from:


Powerful, User Friendly, Unrestricted Access. The cashback solutions come with a powerful backoffice for site managers. There are tonnes of customization possible. You can edit most parts of the websites without needing a developer.

Data Management

The cashback and other solutions offer Retail/Store Data Management, Vouchers, iCodes/PopShop API. You can add stores/merchants, product feeds and comparison solutions.

Cashback Management

Cashout Payments, Cashback, Affiliate Network APIs, Upload Cashback


Blogs, Forum, FAQ’s, Press/Partners, Testimonials, Static Pages, Image Bank

User Management

Manage Users, Support Tickets, Email Subscribers, FAQs from powerful cashback solutions.

Benefits of investing in Cashback Website Development?


Social Bookmarks, Newsletter, Banners, Campaign Tracking, Referral system; all built in.


Responsive Design

SEO, Responsive Design, Manage own data and categories


Affiliate Networks Management, Website Settings, Email Templates, Import/Export Data

Affiliate Network Partners

Successful Cashback Websites

Clepsydris Italy

Affiliate Networks Management, Website Settings, Email Templates, Import/Export Data

Cashbackcentral Nigeria

Affiliate Networks Management, Website Settings, Email Templates, Import/Export Data

Grobbit UK

Affiliate Networks Management, Website Settings, Email Templates, Import/Export Data

Comparepanda UK

Affiliate Networks Management, Website Settings, Email Templates, Import/Export Data

Cashback Mobile Apps


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Every developer we have worked with, at The Right Software, has been as dedicated as talented.


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[Team] noticed an area [that required developer attention] and communicated with me expeditiously. Excellent job. Highly Recommended.

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The Right Software is a valuable partner that supports our business towards the targets.

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