Islamic Mobile Apps for Android and iPhone

Islamic Apps Overview

So you want to create Islamic Apps for your community, event, website or a generally unique idea? We can help you with such concept. As an App development company, we have created some unique apps including awesome concepts for iOS and Android. Developing Islamic apps is a concept we are very familiar with and clients contact us from all over the Islamic world to develop their unique Islamic app ideas to share with public.

The services we provide include developing the apps, upload on Google Play and Apple App Stores and marketing mobile apps after launch. We are experts in Islamic software for Android and iOS.

The Islamic apps are developed in native Android and iOS frameworks for best speed and experience.

Modules in your Islamic App

Prayer Alerts

Multi Country Ready

Adhan by Famous Muezzin

Qibla Finder Compass

Quran Recitations

Quran Translations

Quran Bookmark

Tasbih and Adhkar

Islamic Calendar

Eid and Ramadan Alerts

Names of Allah

Duas and Supplications

Salient Features of Islamic App

Islamic app prayer alerts

Prayer Timings and Alerts

Your Islamic app will provide you with prayer (Salah) timings and alerts. The prayer alerts are accurate based on your current location (GPS). You can choose Adhan from famous Muezzin as well.

Calculation Method of the time of Salah can be chosen from any of MWL, ISNA, Egypt, Makkah, Karachi, Tehran.

Qibla Finder

Qibla Finder feature will use Compass to tell accurate location to offer prayer when you are on the road or indoors in a new location. This is very helpful and will give you great insight.

Islamic app Qibla finder
Islamic app calendar

Islamic Calendar

Islamic calendar can be built into your app concept. This will include both Georgian and Islamic dates. The days of religious significance will be built in to the calendar.

Quran Recitation

Read holy Quran in different languages and translations from around the world. In recitation mode, the mobile tones will be made silent for peace and respect.

You can bookmark and save your recitation to continue even after you open app after some time.

The App itself can be optimized for English, Urdu, Hindi and more languages worldwide.

Benefits of your Islamic App

The Islamic app will be a unique concept that will be carefully prepared for you from components readily available with The Right Software Mobile development team.


Fast Completion

We have been making Islamic apps for Muslim world for a long time. With Android and iOS, you are covered to share your concept with large audiences.


Quality Product

Our app development team has worked hard to create and perfect the app components that go into your app. The final product is smooth, fast and bug-free.

Save Time and Money

Support & Followup

We are a software company with strong presence in market. With a software team of 20+, we have the firepower to take your project and take it to perfection. We provide after-delivery support and customer service to match your development experience.

Discuss Your Islamic App Today

Discuss your unique idea with TRS today. We’ll make the app with our fast turn-around and quality components.