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custom software development company

Custom Software Development Company

We are a custom software development company. At The Right Software, we suggest that if you have the patience and vision to see your online presence grow then its always better to opt for a custom software solution. With custom software development from The Right Software, your business will stand in a much better place than with a ready made solution. The custom software solution will be more secure, arguably faster and will give a sense of maturity around company to people using it as well as your customers who see it in action.

Custom software development create a solution that become asset that can be later sold on (if ever comes a time) along with the business. Generating value which is never a forte with a ready-made theme dropped into a business.

What is Custom Software Development?

There are generally two types of solutions in the software realm.

First option, you either buy a third party software such as WordPress or Joomla and customize it according to your needs. For more functionality, you drop in plugins or addons such as for Ecommerce or Emails. So after a while, a lot of unwanted features to the ware start creeping in. Your website or content management system starts getting slow. With a ready made software, the hackers know about all the loopholes as the software is one built fit all. So if version of ready made software is compromised, all other organizations running that particular version are at risk as well.

The second option is to create a custom software solution from grounds-up that will tackle your particular set of problems and provide precise information that you require. Also called a bespoke software solution, from small to large scale businesses, its always better to go with custom software solution. Custom software development provide the benefits of speed and security. With the least number of people (programmer of the software) knowing about the architecture and security features, its difficult to hazard a guess and hence the custom software solutions are much safer in this regard.

what is custom software development

Business Automation

Every business is unique. We may not know about your verticals and market dimensions. It does not mean we will leave anything to chance. We will sit with you and learn as much as we can before proposing a solutions.


You want to plan your resources and be able to react to market changes? You want to have better relations with your customes? The Right Software will help you with custom built solutions.

Financial Solutions

Manage your books, inventory and finances with custom solutions built from The Right Software. We will integrate with Xero, QuickBook, PeachTree, Zoho and others.

Human Resources

We will help you manage your HRM needs better with a custom software for your human resource needs. With time management, leaves, inventory and recruitment solutions.

Content Management System

Custom CMS are our forte with strong support for all employees and integration to other third party services.

Business Websites

You have no or little web presence? We will make an excellent website with security, speed, color scheme and mobile view in mind.

Marketing Solutions

We have developed marketing solutions to help companies work better with Google Ads, Facebook Campaigns and integration into CMS.

 Why The Right Software?

You should choose The Right Software because we already follow design and development roadmap that is devised by leading software development companies for software product quality.

Our Work Guarantee

With us, follow benefits will be considered part of any deal.

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  • Best suggestions and advice
  • 3 month free support
  • Bug-free delivery first time
  • Enterprise SLA

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