NDT Reporting Software

NDT Reporting Software

Cloud Solution

NDT Reporting Software

The application is a cloud based reporting tool for NDT companies delivering technical assurance through non destructive testing, inspection and certification to the highly resourceful, energy consuming, utility and infrastructure industries.

NDT Methods Supported

Hydro (Hydro Testing) Reports


Hydro Testing Reports

MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspection) Reports


Magnetic Particle Inspection Reports

DPI (Dye Penetrant Inspection) Reports


Dye Penetrant Inspection Reports

Gamma Reports


Gamma Reports


Radiography Inspection Reports



Heat Treatment Reports

XRAY feature


XRAY feature



Ultra Sonic Inspection Reports

Features of NDT Reporting Software

Your NDT Reporting Software must have the following features built-in if you are to confidently face challenge of modern reporting requirements.

Digital signatures

Digital signatures

All reports have digital signatures built in. Users can take care of their digital signatures from their profiles. Admin can have control of all signatures finally.

Realtime notifications

Your NDT software will provide real-time notifications to all users. These notifications are great help when you don’t want to email on every step. Simply checking the notifications bar will make users up to date with the reports.
Realtime notifications

Fast, Secure & Modern

Most NDT solutions these days are coming in cloud or online version. The installable local computer versions are thing of the past. Its normal to assume that the NDT solution you choose must be based on sound engineering and programming principles. Your NDT solution must be fast to respond, data must be securely locked away from prying eyes or a hackers. The passwords must be saved securely along with other data. With advent of modern backend and front-end frameworks, its not a big ask to have your solution be built with API so you can feed the data into multiple channels such as reporting tools, invoicing and time management tools and off-grid support. You must ask if the solution is built with ReactJS, VueJS or AngularJS. The Right Software NDT Reporting Software is built with Laravel framework.
  • Resistant to hacking
  • Built with modern JS frameworks
  • Fast and mobile responsive
  • Offline support with Mobile apps

User Roles, Permissions & Activity Logs

A big part of security for your online reporting tool is how effectively it uses user permission. Ideally you should have different set of permissions for manager, technicians and clients. Similarly, its important that users are allowed in their specific areas and all the activity is logged.
  • Log database activity
  • Allow user levels and roles
  • Limit navigation and secure logins
  • Log report progress
NDT Reporting

Types of Reports Supported

As mentioned above in this article, the number of reports varies with the client’s requirements but a combination of 8-9 reports is a regular occurrence in NDT Reporting Software.
  • Allow multiple standard reports
  • Multiple reports in one job
  • Ability to reject Report

Report Review, Reject and Co-sign

NDT Reporting is a sensitive matters and one cannot have enough oversight at all places. That is why, its important that your reporting software allows you to review the report generated by technician. If required, the report can be allowed to be rejected back to the technician with comments by reviewer or manager. Similarly, the reviewer’s digital signatures on the report is considered a healthy sign by the client.
  • Reports reviewed before submission
  • Reports co-signed with reviewer signatures
  • Ability to reject and refill the reports

Configurable Settings

Most importantly, the software should be configurable. The settings for system, reports and user behaviors should be well documented and give ability to tweak to suit business needs.
  • Configure user roles
  • Configure emails
  • Configure report headers & fields
  • System settings and images

User Manual and Training

Finally, the company providing NDT Reporting Software must provide a complete user manual and train users in its use. Plus, be available to take up support calls and tickets. If you are getting this level of service then you are in good hands.
  • User Manual
  • Training
  • Free bug fixes
  • Support tickets and version releases

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have a smart web team and as such, we are adding more features to the solution as we go along. Currently, we have features that are baseline to all NDT operations. Here are the features that we are currently offering.

  • 4 users roles: Admin, Manager, Tech and Client. These roles are configurable and one man can have multiple roles if you want to setup your organization that way.
  • Jobs: You create jobs and add job requests as well. Job requests can allow you to create more than one reports of same type in one job.
  • 7 types of NDT reports. They are laid out in such a way that tech can select from dropdown for values or put in his own values. We can add more.
  • Report Reviewer: Reports are approved by reviewer so double signatures are the norm. Notifications: real time notifications and activity log
  • Export reports as PDF.
  • Many more small goodies built-in.

We have the following features in pipeline.

  • More NDT methods
  • Job invoices
  • Mobile app solutions & non-internet offline sync support
  • Better searching overall
  • Cloud solution for monthly subscription

We have modeled our price after the number of reports and how much customization is required. A rough idea about the price to be around $500 per report type. We are open to monthly or annual subscription models. So if you have 7 reports in your company then the cost should be $3000-$4000. Or we can amortize is to be $100 per month on a two year contract. You can discuss with Sales for a better costing model depending on your requirements.

We usually pack all information into the client hosting to deploy a copy. The database management is another name for a custom solution that is hosted on the cloud privately for each client. We have the knowledge for a monthly/annual subscription model as well.

The only extra cost after initial setup is the hosting. We recommend a small private cloud for hosting. That is around 20-30$ per month e.g from a good hosting company. This is a highly advanced piece of web software and as such requires latest hosting package. We can set this up on a VPS – not recommended on a shared server though.