NDT Reporting

NDT reporting software

TRS NDT software can handle various non-destructive test data like ultrasonic flaw detection, eddy current, radiography, thermography etc. They are compatible with popular NDT equipment formats.

NDT reporting software streamlines report generation with templates, automatic measurements, customizable tags and stamps. Reports can be printed or shared in format like PDF.

Yes, many allow customizing reports and determining what data gets shared. Facilities may generate internal stats or share select info with partners.

Our NDT clients

Optimize NDT services with customized reporting software

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) refers to tests performed on materials, components or assemblies in a way that doesn’t damage them. Our NDT services help detect subsurface and surface flaws without harming the part.

Our NDT reporting software is a cloud-based tool designed for NDT testing companies serving industries like energy, utilities, and infrastructure. As the leading reporting solution for the NDT field, it streamlines processes for a variety of inspection methods.

Key capabilities include:

  • Configurable templates tailored to each testing technique
  • Attachment of inspection evidence directly in reports
  • Customizable approval workflows and notifications
  • Hierarchical or individual report generation
Customized Reporting
Comprehensive NDT Coverage

Comprehensive NDT coverage

Our software was designed from the ground up to accommodate the diverse testing needs of the NDT industry.

We currently support reporting for all major methods:

NDT methods supported

Visual Testing

Visual Testing (VT)

Inspection of surface discontinuities without enhancements. Configure VT templates to log observations.

Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT/DPI)

Customizable forms for penetrant type, developer, cleaning. Attach defect photos.

Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)

Record yoke details, magnetic fields, lighting. Upload indications observed.

Ultrsonic testing

Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

Versatile templates for pulse-echo, phased array, TOFD. Import thickness readings and scans.

Radiographic Testing (RT)

Capture exposure settings. Link digital radiographs within reports for assessment.

Eddy Current Testing (ET)

Log probe specs, lift-off, C-Scan plots. Interpret signals against standards.

Heat Treatment Reports (PWHT )

Log parameters like temperature, material, duration, atmosphere from heat treatment processes.

Dye Penetrant Inspection (DPI)

Configurable fields for penetrant type, developer, cleaning methods, and before/after images.

Hydro Testing (HT)

Templates to record parameters, indications, and results from hydrostatic pressure testing.

Our platform seamlessly integrates new technologies as methods progress. Recent add-ons include templates for Guided Wave Testing and Pulsed Thermography.

By providing a unified solution, we enable standardized workflows across all your NDT divisions and simplifying consolidated reporting.

Inspection management

Inspection management refers to the complete set of tools needed to efficiently plan, execute, and track non-destructive testing programs from start to finish.

With integrated management capabilities, customers gain: Streamline your entire quality assurance process from planning to invoicing. 

Inspection management

Streamline your inspection process

Job testing and scheduling

Test & Job Scheduling

Create test templates for each method (UT, RT etc) Schedule inspection jobs and assign samples/locations View calendar of all scheduled work

Work Order Creation

Generate work orders from scheduled inspections, preventative maintenance tasks or defects logged in past reports.

Sample Tracking

Create digital asset records and monitor samples through barcode/RFID scanning to ensure chain of custody.

Test scheduling

Test Scheduling

View schedules by date, location or inspector and drag/drop to optimize resource allocation.

Data Collection

Capture inspection results, photos and defect logs directly on mobile devices for syncing to central records.

Report automation

Reporting Automation

Generate preliminary reports immediately after testing with pre-populated headers and test parameters.

Review and approval

Review & Approval

Route completed reports digitally to supervisors for review and ability to provide feedback or sign-off.

Time tracking

Time Tracking

Collect hours and expenses per job for invoice generation based on work orders.



Auto-generate invoices based on time and expenses logged to each work order.

With end-to-end visibility and control of the inspection process, customers can confidently scale operations while maintaining quality standards through integrated management tools.

By providing a unified solution, we enable standardized workflows across all your NDT divisions and simplifying consolidated reporting.

Olushola Dabiri

The Right Software has become a dependable and valuable partner over the years. They are committed to ensuring that all tasks given to implement are carried out successfully. They never disappoint! I will surely recommend them.

Olushola Dabiri

Professional NDT reporting

NDT reporting software provides the tools needed to efficiently capture and process all types of inspection records.

Export high-quality reports in standard PDF format, ready for client and regulatory submission.

Professional NDT reporting

Comprehensive report management

Template version management

Template Version Management

Maintain template revision history and roll back changes with version control when updating standards.

Digital Signature Management

Route completed reports electronically and track sign offs from multiple approvers.

Standard PDF Export

Generate polished reports in widely used and supported PDF format.

Standard and custom templates

Standard and Custom Templates

Leverage predefined templates or customize your own for any testing method. Ensure consistency while accommodating specialty needs.

Workbook style form

Workbook-Style Forms

Enter results across multiple components in an intuitive spreadsheet view for select tests.

Multiple linked reports

Multiple Linked Reports

Generate subsidiary reports under a master job record for complete traceability in multi-phase inspections.

Evidence attachment

Evidence Attachments

Upload unlimited supporting photos, signatures, videos directly into each report.

Pass/Fail Criteria

Set acceptance limits to automatically flag reports as Accepted or Rejected based on findings.

Batch processing

Batch Processing

Bulk approve, generate or edit large volumes of similar records with a single click to boost productivity.

The flexible reporting capabilities combined with configurable workflows streamline operations for any industry.

See how NDT Reporting Software can optimize your entire quality management system.

Meeting diverse industry needs

Meeting diverse industry needs

With rigorous system validation to nuclear, medical and other safety-critical standards, our solution is at home in any compliance-driven industry.

We serve inspection teams across multiple critical sectors:

aero space, defence and manufacturing

Aerospace, Defense, Manufacturing

Rely on our software to ensure airworthiness and product quality standards are upheld.

Energy, Oil & gas

Energy, Oil & Gas

Customizable workflows map inspection points for pipelines, rigs and power infrastructure.

Infrastructure, Construction

Infrastructure, Construction

Streamline quality control on bridges, buildings, roads through consolidated digital reporting.

Automotive transportation

Automotive, Transportation

Centralized database supports compliance to regulations in automotive production.

Electrical power systems

Electrical Power Systems

NDT of switchgear, transformers, cables and other electrical power infrastructure and assets according to client and industry best practices.

Learn how organizations benefit from optimized inspection management regardless of sector.

Contact us to request custom demos of our software in action within your operations.

Toby Burns

Very good! Using TRS for lots of development. Quick and easy to deal with!

Toby Burns

Essential features for NDT reporting

Role based access Control

Role-based Access Control

Admin, Manager, Inspector, Client user roles

Data Management

Data Management

Flexible search, filter and review inspection reports


ffline mode and native mobile apps



API integration support for third party systems


Private cloud hosting for security and scalability



24/7 dedicated support from our technical team

Trusted by leading NDT companies

For over 5 years, our cloud-based reporting software has powered the workflow needs of NDT businesses around the world. Here’s what some of our valued customers have to say:

Beyond NDT & Inspection

We’ve relied on The Right Software’s solution to process over 50,000 inspection reports since 2018. Their tailored platform gives us the tools to efficiently manage projects and deliver timely results to our satisfied clients.

Spectra NDT Services

Our team adopted the reporting software to digitize paperwork and improve traceability of test records. It was an easy transition and the support is top-notch – they’ve helped us optimize processes over the long term.

PhaseOne Testing

From initial design through implementation, the developers took time to fully understand our specialized needs. Two years on, it’s clear they are dedicated to evolving the platform alongside our business.

With thousands of active users worldwide, our intuitive reporting solution has become the standard for streamlining operations, enhancing quality control, and enabling remote collaboration across the global NDT industry.

Streamline your inspection workflow

Are lengthy paper-based processes slowing you down? Our software could help boost efficiency for your upcoming projects

Avoid delays from incomplete records with an end-to-end digital solution. Track thousands of welds and hydrotest points across 100 miles of pipeline seamlessly from any device or location.

  • Generate report packages grouped by mile markers
  • Attach photo evidence at specific GPS coordinates
  • Automate reporting to regulatory standards


Let’s discuss how we can develop a tailored solution to meet the scheduling demands of your projects.

After-Sale support

We’re committed to ensuring you get maximum value from our software both during and after implementation.


For top security and reliability, our software can be hosted on your private infrastructure or select public cloud providers. We also offer fully managed hosting on our platforms with:

  • 99.9% uptime SLA
  • Auto-scaling and high availability
  • Dedicated account management
  • 24×7 monitoring and suppor

Training and Upgrades

We provide online and on-site training for all users. Regular software upgrades are included, and we manage all installation and testing

Professional Services

Let our team of experts help with complex implementations, integrations, custom work, and other specialized requirements.

  • Our dedicated support team is available via phone, email, and online ticketing system during normal business hours.
  • New features and enhancements are added quarterly through regular software upgrades.

This comprehensive support helps maximize your investment and ensures optimal performance of your NDT software at every step.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

We have a smart web team and as such, we are adding more features to the solution as we go along. Currently, we have features that are baseline to all NDT operations. Here are the features that we are currently offering.

  • 4 users roles: Admin, Manager, Inspector and Client. These roles are configurable and one man can have multiple roles if you want to setup your organization that way.
  • Jobs: You create jobs and add job requests as well. Job requests can allow you to create more than one reports of same type in one job.
  • 7 types of NDT reports. They are laid out in such a way that tech can select from dropdown for values or put in his own values. We can add more.
  • Notifications: real time notifications and activity log
  • Export reports as PDF.
  • Many more small goodies built-in.

We have the following features in pipeline.

  • More NDT methods
  • System APIs for third party solutions.
  • Job invoices
  • Mobile app solutions & non-internet offline sync support
  • Better searching overall
  • Cloud solution for monthly subscription

Yes, network versions support simultaneous data analysis and reporting by multiple authorized users. Cloud-based options provide collaborative access from any device connected to the internet.