cashback solutions

Cashback Solutions

A minimum viable site can be ready within 4-6 weeks. This includes core features, basic design and integrations. Additional customizations may require more time depending on scope

The annual license fee is $300. There is an additional $200 fee for integrating each merchant/store network. Hosting and support packages are available.

Standard features include cashback tracking, store directory, deals module, reports dashboard, admin CMS and more. Custom features can also be added as per your specific needs.

Mobile and Web Solutions for Cashback

We develop cashback affiliate marketing solutions to help businesses and brands increase sales through rewarded referrals.

Our flagship offering is customizable cashback and loyalty points websites. Key features include:

  • User profiles to track earnings and cashouts
  • Merchant stores directory with cashback offers
  • Affiliate network integrations for automated cashback syncing
  • Admin dashboard for reports, settings and payment processing
Mobile and Web Solutions for Cashback

Standard Features in Cashback Website Development

We develop affiliate marketing solutions for our customers. Affiliate marketing entails marketing eCommerce goods and services for a set commission. These solutions manifest themselves in Cashback websites (also called Reward and Loyalty points websites). Similarly, we can produce other affiliate marketing solutions.

User Features

Registration and login, View available offers and cashback percentages, Track earnings and cashback activity, Cashout to preferred payment methods, Messaging and notification centre

Merchant/Store Management

Onboard and manage merchant partners Setup and sync product catalog Configure cashback offers and commissions Reports on sales, traffic and payouts



User and merchant user profiles Cashback rules and payment settings Analytics and reporting dashboard Customizable themes and design Multi-user roles and permissions

Admin features

Manage Affiliate Networks

  • Import stores, categories, cashbacks, and vouchers from integrated affiliate network APIs.
  • Update affiliate network API connection settings.
  • Map network categories onto cashback categories.
  • One-time setup and then data will auto-update.

Affiliate Network We Support

Manage Store Data

This allows the admin to easily manage all stores, vouchers and reviews in one place. Flexible search filters and bulk export/import options provide a seamless management experience.


all available stores are listed. Admin can search stores with their id, name, affiliated networks, status and cashbacks override. Admin can also add new store, edit or delete existing stores or can export all stores in csv file format.


all vouchers with their store name, deal title, coupon code, click url and commission are available. Admin can search vouchers with their store name or network name. Also admin can add new voucher or can update or delete existing vouchers. Also admin can export all vouchers in csv file format.



all reviews are available with reviewer name, review details, store name and status. Searching option is available to search any review by reviewer name, store name or status. Admin can add a new review or can update an existing one also admin can export all reviews in csv file format.

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Manage Sales

This allows the admin to effectively manage all cashback transactions and monitor payout requests. Flexible search filters provide full visibility while bulk actions help speed up common processes. Export functionality supports data backups.

Overall, these features give the admin full control and insights over cashbacks earned by users from stores, as well as cashout requests being made for payouts.



all cashbacks with user name and email, store name, network commission, cashback amount, exit click url, event time and status are available. Admin can search any cashbacks with their click id/store id/ user id, user name/store name, network name or status. Also admin can add new single or multiple cashbacks in one click or can update or delete existing cashbacks. Also admin can export all cashbacks in csv file format.


all cashouts with user name cashout amount, payment method, time and status are available. Admin can view cashout information and can update status for any listed cashout.

Manage Settings

Configure your Cashback Program section allows you to easily update various settings from a single dashboard to optimize your solution. Adjust commission rates paid to merchants on qualifying purchases, manage supported payment methods for deposits and withdrawals, set up tiered loyalty levels to reward recurrent shoppers, and more.

With just a few clicks, you can configure your cashback program’s key settings to keep it running smoothly and benefit both merchants and consumers.

General Settings

Set contact number, email and enable/disable maintenance mode for the website

Website Setting

Website Settings

In website settings admin can update website title and logos, favicon, footer text, can change dashboard menu type (Sidebar or Top menu) and website theme color.

Cashback Setting

Cashback Settings

Set currency, cashback percentage for users, enable/disable withdrawal payment methods, set minimum cash out limit and welcome bonus for new users

Mailer Setting

Mailer Settings

In mailer settings admin can set your own mailer service to send emails. Set mail driver, mail host name, port, username and password used by mailer service you want to use.

Social Media Setting

Social Media Settings

Set social media account links to display social media icons to let users follow you on social networks

Cocial Media Setting

API Integration Settings

Set social login API settings for Google and Facebook, Mail chimp API setting for newsletter and Google Analytics API.

Earning report

Email Templates

Different email templates for user and admin are given in this section. Admin can edit and update these templates according your opinion.

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Manage Reports

This provides admins fully insights into platform performance and visibility into what’s driving sales and earnings for fact-based decision making.

Manage Reports
Click Report

Exit Click Reports

Exit click reports provide the list of users with their click to a specific store, their exit url and conversion status of cashback for that click. All exit clicks are recorded with time-stamp, user id, network & more

Store performance report

Store Performance Reports

Stores performance reports provide stats for most visited stores with associated network, number of visits per store, cashbacks and conversion rate of each store

Earning report

Earnings Reports

Detailed earning reports including total earnings, pending revenue, conversion rate and also earning details against each store including clicks by users, network commission, earnings, and status of cashback. Filter by date range, export to CSV/Excel

Campaign performance report

Campaign Performance Reports

Track results of promotional campaigns Compare ROIs, clicks, sales over time Identify top/low performing campaigns, A/B test results

Customizeable Report builder

Customizable Report Builder

Create custom reports with preferred fields Schedule auto-generated reports Share/export insightful analytical reports

Front features

Cashback Offers

Cashback Offers

Excusive offers on cashbacks are available to users with cashback percentage.

Cashback Vouchers

Cashback Vouchers

All cashback vouchers for specific stores are available. Users can get voucher codes for specific stores.

Additional Solution Offerings

Affiliate solutions we can develop

Cashback website

Cashback Website​

User profiles to track earnings and cashouts Merchant stores directory with cashback offers Affiliate network integrations for automated cashback syncing Admin dashboard for reports, settings and payment processing

Reward and Loyalty Points

Reward and Loyalty Points

Convert customer earnings into points They can redeem for discounts or free items. Boost engagement and purchase frequency.

Coupon and Discount Code Websites​

Coupon and Discount Code Websites

Provide deals and exclusive promo codes to users for sharing select products or merchants. Help lower barriers to purchases.

Reward and Loyalty Points

Product Data Feeds

Consume real-time product catalogs from merchants to keep listings updated. Enrich the browsing experience.

Cashback website

Price Comparison

Aggregate prices from multiple merchants to help shoppers find the best deals in one place. Increase merchant consideration.

Coupon and Discount Code Websites​

Mobile Apps​

Native iOS and Android apps extend the cashback experience on the go. Synchronize earnings, view offers and cashouts.

Reward and Loyalty Points

API and SDK Integration

Offer a customizable toolkit for merchants to integrate affiliate capabilities into their own digital properties. White label solutions available.

Cashback website

Cashback Browser Extension

Handle cashback from inside the Chrome/FF.

Coupon and Discount Code Websites​

Ongoing Support

All solutions include training, maintenance, updates and priority support from our expert team. Hosting also available for seamless operation.

Let’s discuss how we can build an effective affiliate program to scale your business through customer referrals. A tailored free consultation and demo are available.

Want to Start Your Own Cashback Website?

Our experts will handle all the technical, design and onboarding work so you can focus on marketing and growing your business.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Yes, leading sites encrypt data and do not share personal info with retailers.

Core features include cashback tracking, store directory, deals module, user profiles, payments integration and admin dashboard for reporting. Additional features like forums, communities boost engagement.

Affiliate marketing rules, GDPR/privacy laws and payments/banking compliances vary in each region/country of operation and must be adhered to develop a legally compliant cashback portal.