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Package delivery app

We develop on-demand package/courier delivery apps and CMS. On-demand courier apps and package delivery apps.

Package delivery app

Packege delivery apps portfolio

Splash Screen

Splash screen with loading animation as app launch.


First the user will sign up and login through his email and password or by social links.

Main Screen

User have two options of sending parcels to other person or deliver a parcel as a delivery person.

My Parcel

User can track parcel by tracking id.

My Parcel

Here user can see his recently sanded, received or delivered parcel list.

Send a parcel - Parcel size

Details of sizes and weights for sending parcels should be shown to user.

Send a parcel - Delivery address

Details required during sending parcels to others.

Send a parcel - payment

Payment methods for user. 

Send a parcel - Checkout

Checkout recipet to be paid by user.

Send a parcel - Find Rides

Request received by rider for delivering parcels.

Send a parcel - Bid Now

Rider can bid an amount for users parcel depending upon its size and weight.

Send a parcel - Bid Now Waiting

Rider send his offer for a parcel which user want to send.

Rider Profile

Rider details required during signup and verification.

Singup as Rider – Verify

Popop notification as user / rider create its profile for delivering a parcels.

Pending Profile

Rider profile is under pending which will be verified by company administration.

Edit Profile

User can edit profile.

User Profile-1

User profile page with editable details.

User Profile

User create new profile for the first time.