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future of mobile app development

The Future of mobile app development

One of the most important part of our lives is having smartphones. It has grown immensely over the last decade and it will continue doing so. Looking at the booming market of mobile & smart phones, one has to keep an eye on the mobile apps development sector. Mobile apps market is an innovative and apparently still growing sector.

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build variants

Android Product Flavors: Build Variants & Build Types

Product flavors also known as build variants is the native way to implement different versions of the same application with minor changes provided by Gradle and Android Studio together.  Here is Link to the official documentation for configuration of product flavors.

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Laravel framework taking over other php frameworks

Laravel is taking over other PHP frameworks

Above illustration of Google Trends clearly shows the popularity transition of PHP frameworks over the past 5 years. Among several PHP frameworks, Laravel is gaining quick lead in last couple of years and still continuing its upward mobility due to its repute worldwide. We pitched Laravel against CodeIgniter, Symfony (technically Laravel but still), Zend and CakePHP. The shift in the trends of PHP frameworks is based on few strong and evident reasons that no other framework can fulfill as well as Laravel

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Hazards of sharing work

Hazards of sharing Mobile app development between companies

For any given app, there is usually two parts that needs to be done. The actual App code inside C or Java. And the connection to a web-based data storage through a web service or an API. There can be apps which do not rely on any database to maintain state or load fresh data. But this usually holds true for most mobile apps.

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