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MailChimp Certified Experts: API, Plugins, Subscribers, Lists and Campaigns

Being MailChimp certified expert, we understand that top-notch email delivery matters to your business. And what better way to approach this than to pay a small monthly fee to MailChimp.

What is MailChimp?

MailChimp is an online email sending service that provides great service and very popular with website owners and developers. MailChimp do not host your email for you. But they will take care of the following things for you.

  • Provide signup and subscription forms that directly save data inside your MailChimp account
  • Design emails to send to your clients and users
  • Ready templates to choose from if you want to speed up design
  • Secure area to manage all your email subscribers
  • Put subscribers into lists to manage easily and segment
  • Manage email campaigns and follow-up emails
  • SMTP Server on-the-ready to schedule around-the-clock
  • Secure SMTP Server and 99.9% up-time SLA
  • Email engineers for technical issues when sending email
  • Provide multiple IPs for emails to be sent parallel
  • Add SPF, Dkim and Dmarc records for email authentication
  • Reputed email servers to minimize bounced emails
  • Monitor soft and hard bounces and clean up the subscribers lists
MailChimp Certified Experts: API, Plugins, Subscribers, Lists and Campaigns

That’s what MailChimp can you for you and more. It provides email delivery services as well as email template creation with design language variables you can control through your code. MailChimp sends the emails through their own IP addresses where they monitor delivery and email repute 24*7.


Who is a MailChimp Certified Expert?

MailChimp certified program was created by MailChimp to provide the clients a directory of companies and web developers who provide expert MailChimp integration services. The companies listed in the experts directory provide email design, delivery and MailChimp API integration services to web and app owners. MailChimp experts are not affiliated or owned by MailChimp themselves. However, they pass a certain criteria to become certified and approved by MailChimp.

The Right Software provide Email Marketing Services as MailChimp experts and have been recognized by MailChimp itself. You can click to visit MailChimp experts directory to verify.


visit mailchimp directory the right software


We have strong expertise with email design, MailChimp API, MailChimp campaigns and Mandrill integration. Mandrill is a MailChimp SMTP server if you just want to send emails without paying for bells and whistles.

We have integrated MailChimp with WordPress, WooCommerce, Laravel Framework, CodeIgniter, Shopify, CRMs, OpenCart, iOS /Android mobile apps and other custom applications. Here are the MailChimp development services we provide.


MailChimp Development Services

  • Setup subscription forms
  • Facebook forms and Webhooks
  • Integrate MailChimp API to save data from registration into MailChimp account
  • Design MailChimp emails templates
  • MailChimp signup form design
  • Design MailChimp campaigns
  • Design Email Strategy
  • Member list creation with single optin and double optin
    • Clean up subscriber lists
    • Convert MailChimp single optin subscibers
    • Email list warm-up
  • MailChimp WordPress Integration
  • MailChimp Shopify Integration
  • MailChimp custom Plugins for Web and Mobile apps
  • Mandrill for sending emails
  • Mandrill SMTP Mergevars
  • Mandrill verify sending domain with SPF and DKIM
  • Set up Google Analytics tracking with Mandrill and MailChimp
  • Test emails for responsive view using
  • Prevent mails from going to spam

What if I want my own MailServer?

At the same time, we are also email experts if you want to setup your own server with MTA (mail transfer agent) such as sendmail, postfix and PowerMTA (PMTA). We’ll setup SPF, Dkim and Dmarc and verify that your emails receive 9/10 score in services. We offer these services over Linux servers.

We also provide API integrations and list management with other mail services such as SendGrid, GetResponse and ConvertKit, visit our Email marketing services page.

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