Software Project Advice & Rescue

  • Complete unfinished web and app projects
  • Recover hacked WordPress websites
  • Recover database with fresh Install
  • Excellent forensic and cleanup services
  • Update old software versions to latest
  • Database recovery and cleanup

We provide project completion and recover hacked website services.

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Software Project Advice and Rescue

Due to lack of communication or bad software practices, a client may reach a point where its untenable to continue your software product with a previous IT company or vendor. You are, however, in need of finishing and launching your project so that you can see the gains from your investment.

The Right Software will spend time on analysis free on a product code and documentation to discuss the scope of work for completion or improvement of situation in a given product. We will discuss with the client, take original specifications for the project and advice about the completion. We will rescue the project along with client to its final stage.

We have given software rescue services to many clients and they are happy with our work. The project can be,

  • Hacked WordPress website
  • Outdated Website Framework
  • Security warnings and audit
  • Missing or In-complete requirements

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software project advice rescue service

Hacked Website

We have cleaned up many websites and uploaded a clean up. We will clean the server, patch up security and change passwords for you.

Missing Requirements

If a project has one or more modules, we'll fix those and upload in record time. We will take over the project if required.

Quality Assessment

We will assess the quality of software product developed and the cost required for upgrading according to latest trends and technology updates.

Update Software

You want to update your software with new features and latest online version. We will help with that as well.

Security Audit

We will check that the software database and code follow the security guidelines to pass the requirements and audits.

Recover Database

Recover corrupted database from MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL and more.

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