Third Party API Integration and Installation Services

Third Party API Integration Services & Installation

  • Expert API Development and Integration Skills
  • SOAP and RESTful Archticture
  • Support by payment, data and business APIs
  • Based on famous Slim, Lumen, Django Frameworks
  • Daily work reports and backups
  • 24*7 support service
  • Speed and Security Tested

We provide expert API integration services for 3rd party software, drivers, web services and SDKs.

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Third Party API Integration Services and Installations

No one company will do all the work of a business model and ecosystem. To merge these complex software, you need API integration techniques provided by 3rd party vendors and suppliers. There are always third party tools and technologies that you love to reuse and integrate. These tool and pieces of software come with their own set of instructions and plans. You can be looking into integration email marketing services or sending your data to Google Drive. We will take the third party APIs, read their documentations and integrate with your existing websites and mobile apps.

At The Right Software, we work with many of the standard API integrations, SDKs, Web Services and third party tools to achieve the right mix of technologies for your software. With standard APIs, we can plug modern JS frameworks such as AngularJS.

Supported API Formats: SOAP, REST, RPC, GraphQL

API Platforms: Django Rest, PHP Slim, Laravel Lumen API

API Testing Tools: Advanced Rest Client (ARC), Postman, Apigee,

3rd party software and api integration

In 2017, 68% of developers prefer to use RESTful APIs whenever possible. – Dzone

[ranking_iconic_box icon=”fa fa-check-circle-o” title=”Affiliate Networks API Integration” text=”We have worked extensively with TradeDoubler, TradeTracker, WebGains, AffiliateWindow, Ebay, AliExpress and other affiliate networks. We will integrate tracking pixels, retrieve sales and integration product feeds.”]
[ranking_iconic_box icon=”fa fa-linux” title=”PHP Web Server” text=”We will install PHP 5.6, PHP7 ready web server with CentOS or Ubuntu Linux. We are also able to install software such as WordPress, Drupal, Magento and more.
We will setup Apache HTTPD and Nginx servers as well.”]
[ranking_iconic_box icon=”fa fa-paypal” title=”PayPal Express & Pro” text=”We have integrated PayPal Standard, PayPal Express and PayPal Pro. We have handled payments, invoices and credit cards through PayPal pro.”]
[ranking_iconic_box icon=”fa fa-credit-card” title=”Payment Methods” text=”We have integrated mollie, Adyen, Klarna, Stripe, PayPal, iDEAL and other payment methods for our European clients.”]
[ranking_iconic_box icon=”fa fa-truck” title=”Shipping Methods” text=”We have integrated shipping methods for UPS, USPS, DHL. We have also integrated APIs such as GoShippo, RocketShipit and more.”]
[ranking_iconic_box icon=”fa fa-mobile” title=”Mobile App APIs” text=”We have integrated our mobile apps with payment methods, weather, Apache POI, GPS and healthkit APIs.”]
[ranking_iconic_box icon=”fa fa-envelope-o” title=”Mail API Integrtion” text=”We are Certified MailChimp experts. We also work API Integration with SendGrid, GetResponse and other mass mailing services.”]
[ranking_iconic_box icon=”fa fa-bolt” title=”Zapier Integration” text=”We have integrated zaps for Google Drive, QuickBooks and Zoho. Use our services to introduce Zapier functionality between your software.”]
[ranking_iconic_box icon=”fa fa-cloud” title=”Manage CDN and DNS” text=”We will setup to integrate your software to send speed data through or CloudFlare gives free SSL, CDN and DDOS safety. We also work with TurboBytes, MaxCDN and Akamai.”]
[ranking_iconic_box icon=”fa fa-database” title=”WHMCS APIs” text=”We have extensive knowledge of working with WHMCS & CPanel APIs. We can develop plugins and integrations with other solutions and payment gateways.”]

If you are looking at third party API integration services for your business, contact us below.