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How to infuse Agile methodology in IT organization

As the Software development process have evolved over the decades of 70s, 80s and 90s, several researches, experiments and analysis has been done to define…

How to infuse Agile methodology in IT organization

As the Software development process have evolved over the decades of 70s, 80s and 90s, several researches, experiments and analysis has been done to define the better approaches for efficient problem solving. We have seen and read about diverse working methodologies, techniques and frameworks like extreme programming, scrum etc. as outcome of search for most effective procedure. Eventually in 2001 seventeen developers searched and determined common measures from diverse approaches and practical experiences to define Agile methodology for software development . They created the Agile Manifesto, which is based on 12 principles of agile development process.

  Now the question arises are:

What benefits an IT organization can get by implementing Agile principles?

Infusing Agile methodology starts from top organizational structure to teams and individuals.  Main concern of an organization to adopt agile framework is how it will affect business goals and ROI of the company. An IT company can get following major benefits from adopting agile software development process:

  • Increase efficiency and optimize practices, tools and processes
  • Keeping focus on high-value features
  • Reduced time-to-market (TTM) period
  • Improved customer satisfaction through continuous communication
  • Acquire positive testimonials and long term customer relations

How to practice Agile methodology with the organizational work process?

For any web development company, identifying the advantages of agile and setting high hopes from its implementation is easy. But practically putting things in agile way would be a real challenge for management as well as development teams.
  • Alter Organizational structure

To instill the power of Agile methodology to your company and working process, it’s imperative to analyze the culture and structure of your company. If your business model is based on projects and application building, convert it to product oriented business process engaging teams and developers to deliver assigned goals. Structure of teams should also be redefined with a central expert team and multiple agile development teams. Expert’s team includes architects, UX researchers, Security professionals and business managers, where development team comprises of product owner, developers, testers and designer. The work flow should also be tweaked to transfer requirements directly from business manager to agile development team.

  • Redefine Roles and responsibilities

As you make changes in the overall organizational structure, there will also be a need to revise the set of responsibilities and functions of different roles in Agile web Development Company. Unlike waterfall method, in agile environment the work load shifts from project manager to product owner in great deal as the PO(Product Owner) will now be responsible for all product related task coordination about design changes, database issues and UX problems etc. And similarly few tasks of team lead shifts to the individuals for self-management.

  • Budgeting and Strategy

The next big change for agility is to manage budgeting and business planning more perceptively according to altering priorities. The annual budget of a company should be rather allocated to different departments and product teams or it should be revised quarterly to re-prioritize the domains. Budgeting model should focus on products having high market demand and development feasibility.

  • Strong collaboration between IT and Business

To promote new culture and set in your organization, the collaboration between IT and business units should be strengthened vigorously. The business manager and IT manager combines the accurate knowledge of technical product and business goals. They should communicate to set directions for quick and accurate product development. Strong teamwork, timely decisions and clear business strategy are crucial for successful product launch.

  • Build analytics for future innovations

Work process agility cannot be fruitful until and unless you have strong grounds of product feasibility and scope in future market. Keep an eye on market and business analytics to plan and modify your approach as well as future investments for products as well as converting services to products to complement agile framework.



For smaller companies who are dependent on external projects and want to transform them to agile environment, but cannot change their business model overnight should go for experimental agile team. Create a small agile team with product owner, developer and tester. Plan a product strategy for quarterly basis for trial. Implement all possible agile principles to particular team to track how it works. If it turns out as planned, you can go for full organizational shift to agile framework.