How to install Laravel App on Amazon AWS EC2

How to install Laravel App on Amazon AWS EC2

Laravel on Amazon AWS

How to install Laravel App on Amazon AWS EC2

The Right Software recently successfully deployed a Laravel 4 web application on Amazon AWS EC2 cloud. The job was done by the deployment team of The Right Software along with the Laravel programmer. The job was accomplished to the client’s satisfaction.

We also suggest that Laravel 4 applications be updated to Laravel 5.6 latest version as soon as possible to benefit from security and performance upgrades.

Here are some of the tasks we performed.

  • Setup the CentOS 7 or Ubuntu 18.04 cloud instance
  • Generate access keys
  • Setup open ports for services
  • Enable firewall
  • Setup LAMP/LEMP environments
  • Install all required packages
  • Update all packages and secure the server with firewall
  • Setup LetsEncrypt free SSL
    • Or, generate and install 3rd party approved SSL certificate with A-grade from SSLlabs
  • Setup git and pull code from repository
  • Run project by making changes to .env file, storage link and more.
  • Test everything

We are now working on next set of changes with the client.


Deploy Laravel on Amazon Lightsail

We are also able to import and run Laravel projects on Amazon Lightsail platform. For this purpose, we choose barebone Cloud server and setup LAMP or LEMP stacks ourself. This is a fairly easy concept and we can deploy Laravel on Amazon Lightsail for all clients. Lightsail is cost-effective and easier to manage than an EC2 instance.

Similarly we have setup Linux, Install PHP environments and run Laravel on DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode, UKFast and other cloud hostings.

If you are looking for Laravel development services to deploy on Amazon AWS EC2 Cloud, contact The Right Software below.