Email Marketing Services For Your Business

Email Marketing Services For Your Business

  • Top email marketing integration skills
  • Work with 10 leading email provides
  • Contracts, SLAs and NDAs implied
  • MailChimp certified experts
  • Expert development skills & 24*7 support service

We provide expert email marketing integration services of exceptional finesse and longevity.

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Email Marketing Services

Email marketing services are the set of expertises and tools to integrate your existing web and mobile software to a plethora of complex email marketing solutions such as MailChimp and Aweber using our third-party API integration services.

Almost 40 years after their invention, Emails are still the surest and best method to get your point across to your audience. The days of curating long text lists of contacts and selecting all in CC maybe far gone but that does not mean that the mass mailing solutions are getting intelligent enough to work on their own.

Especially if you have a custom website where email marketing was not really built-in but you are now coming towards the point where you need to send emails to hundreds of thousands of your contacts and it becomes overwhelming.

The Right Software will discuss with you the best mass-mailing solutions out there and select one and implement it for you. Some of the email providers that we offer email marketing services for are,


Apart from these, we are happy to setup your own MTA through our advance Linux and Windows engineering services. We will setup SPF, DKIM, Dmarc and make sure that email bounces are handled properly and delivery to inbox.


MailChimp Certified Experts: API, Plugins, Subscribers, Lists and Campaigns
[ranking_iconic_box icon=”fa fa-check-circle” title=”Email Template Design” text=”Email templates are now not part of core software but available in the third party email templates such as MailChimp. “]
[ranking_iconic_box icon=”fa fa-mobile” title=”Responsive view” text=”We will get your emails responsive tested with tools such as”]
[ranking_iconic_box icon=”fa fa-check-circle” title=”Schedule Email Campaigns” text=”We will setup emails and follow up emails to your clients and record the client journey so that new sales funnels are discovered and help your business.”]
[ranking_iconic_box icon=”fa fa-check-circle” title=”SPF, DKIM” text=”We will update your linux based webserver to include proper information in case of an installed software. SPF, DKIM and Dmarc information will be aligned for inbox delivery.”]
[ranking_iconic_box icon=”fa fa-check-circle” title=”Email List Management” text=”We will manage email lists, remove closed emails, segment into more subscriber lists and clean up according to requirement.”]
[ranking_iconic_box icon=”fa fa-check-circle” title=”Plugin Development” text=”The Right Software have a plugin development team which will create an email plugin for your requirement.”]
[ranking_iconic_box icon=”fa fa-plane” title=”Inbox Delivery” text=”We will check email against standard mail-tester software such as Litmus and make sure your emails test perfect to reach Inboxes directly.”]
[ranking_iconic_box icon=”fa fa-check-circle” title=”Installation and Management” text=”In case a software like Ariel, we’ll install on your server and make sure that all SMTP/MTA parameters are in line with recommendations.”]

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