7 commons factors in successful eCommerce websites!

As with the growing number of eCommerce website, we see this burst of bubble after a few weeks or months. To make a successful eCommerce…

7 commons factors in successful eCommerce websites!
As we have discussed Checklist to enhance ecommerce websites through code, here we will discuss what makes an ecommerce website popular and successful. As with the growing number of eCommerce website, we see this burst of bubble after a few weeks or months. To make a successful eCommerce website, we went through all the successful eCommerce websites we created and helped succeed and found the common factors. These common factors among all successful eCommerce webshops are discussed below.  

1. Fair Prices

All great ecommerce websites keep the prices low to attract the most customers. If you see in a price comparison website, all mobile phone or books or electronics deals are nearly at the same price. What differs is maybe asking for shipping cost, time required or website reputation. So keep working on feedback and investigate all channels.  

2. Free Shipping

If you offer physical products then shipping is a concern and a shipping cost can be a deal breaker between a converting and abandoned cart. Try to negotiate better contract with shipping provider to see if you can setup free shipping. It can help a lot in long term with sales. Shipping is also important in product returns so an important factor. Related: Set up shipping in a WooCommerce website  

3. Deals and Offers

It’s very much important to announce the deals on different products and notify the users by a regular prompt which will make user intact with the website also it will increase chances of shopping too. Provide deals, price cuts and sales year around. If you can offer some freebies or competitions where users can win prizes then all the best.  

4. Fresh Products

Keep refreshing your inventory and bring new trends and ideas to sell to your users. This goes well if you have seasonal products and you can bring fresh stock along with doing sales. Two birds with one stone.
  • Provide fresh products
  • Add high quality images and description
  • Create bundles of related products
  • Upsell and cross-sell

5. Send Newsletters

Try to invest in a strong email solution such as MailChimp to send daily promotions to your users. If not daily then at least twice a week is a must to keep attracting users back to your website.  

6. Man the Support Desk

Make sure that all user emails are answered. All successful websites will have users contacting them with questions and comments. Its important to keep a track of all such items and act upon them.
  • Setup helpdesk such as Zendesk or custom software from us
  • Check diligently and reply no more than 8-12 hours apart
  • Get valuable information out of tickets for further investigation
  • Follow up with users and see that their queries get answered

7. Look’n’ Feel

Although not that big a deal as people make it out to be, its good if you can provide a sleek website that loads fast. If users are able to search faster and reach checkout and don’t have issues in the middle, then its very possible that they will end up completing purchase.   These are some of the success factors that make some ecommerce websites more popular than others. If you know of more then send them in the comments below. We’ll do a segment on them.