Groceries eCommerce Platform UAE

This is a website and mobile app based on eCommerce System that is one of the largest fruit and vegetable importer, wholesaler and distributor in GCC Countries over the last 20 years. Its handling Nutrition, storage and information on a variety of fruits and vegetables.

The App is based on API structure and has multiple technologies running this big app.

This eCommerce System has some very good features such as:

  • Admin and user to login
  • Zoho inventory API integrated
  • Sync products from Zoho
  • Sync categories from zoho
  • Create offers on individual products
  • Create collection of products
  • Support dual language support (en/ar)
  • Admin can create onboarding from dashboad for Android app
  • Create banners for android app
  • Send push notification to all users from dashboard
  • Email and push notification are integrated for updating users
  • Admin can create promos for user

We also created Custom Admin for APP data management.

Project Screenshots



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