Classified Ads Website & Mobile App

Classified Ads Website & Mobile App

Classified Cars

Classified Car Ads is a car ads company in UAE. We developed web platform and iOS, Android apps for Classified Car Ads. The Classified app is based on API structure and has multiple technologies running this app. The app and website are multi-lingual and allow Arabic support.

The app is full of features and has support for car buyers, dealers and administration.


  • Multi-lingual
  • iOS, Android mobile apps
  • Dynamic Menu
  • User logins
  • Permission levels
  • Customizable search using car maker, model and price range filters .
  • Car images gallery with zoom and download
  • Intuitive car ad layout design
  • Save ads in your favorite
  • Live Chat
  • Live notifications


  • RESTful APIs
  • iOS app
  • Android app
  • Angular
  • In-app purchases
  • PHP
  • Google Firebase