WooCommerce Book Printer Plugin Development UK


We created a WooCommerce plugin to integrate with 3rd party Printers using our Plugin Development Services for a UK Story Book Printing company.

The WooCommerce printer plugin extends functionality of the WooCommerce order and is used to match books(products) name with objects(books) from amazon s3 bucket. The plugin creates a section in order detail page with two buttons which do following.

Fetch button: Call Amazon S3 bucket object API then match that objects name with book name(product name) and return matched book name that plugin saved in order meta.

Print button: Call printer API with order details, books data (saved in order meta); and on success response order status changed from processing to printing( custom order status define by this plugin).

The plugin also define two custom Cron schedulers to run fetch and printing processes automatically for all processing orders.

The plugin defined custom REST API endpoint that is called by printer to send shipment tracking details that is updated in order if a shipment tracking plugin used by a store. On success response order status is changed from printing to completed.

Project Screenshots