Focus on sales, not software.

We will setup your online eCard maker software with online payments. Your online eCard maker website to sell greeting, holiday and birth announcements.

eCard Maker Overview

eCard Maker is an accomplished software solution for internet entrepreneurs looking to sell eCards online. The eCard solution comes eCommerce-ready so you can process payments online for those cards. Its all a very seamless experience for Card shop owner as well as client.

There is a very smart card editor where templates can be further edited by end-users themselves and previewed before approval.

TRS eCard Maker will reside on your webserver. You are in control of all payments, files, images and cards.

Modules in your eCard Maker

Card Editor
Card Templates
Card Sizes
Admin Panel
User Registration
Save Cards
Paypal, Mollie, Stripe
Card Categories
Featured Cards
Homepage Banners
Social Sharing

Benefits of your eCard Maker Solution

Your eCard Maker will not be based upon any plugin or third-party free or cheap solution that you will find in a script shop. This is a strong, tested product backed by a big IT company.


Fast Deployment

In two weeks, you will have your eCard solution ready and deployed so you can start working on your products and sales strategy.

Quality Product

Our app development team has worked hard to create and perfect the solution components that go into your website. The final product is smooth, fast and bug-free.

Support & Followup

We are a software company with strong presence in market. With a software team of 20+, we have the firepower to take your project and take it to perfection. We provide after-delivery support and customer service to match your development experience.

Salient Features of eCard Maker