Twitter Bootstrap vs AngularJS: Their comparison and usage

Twitter Bootstrap vs AngularJS: How are they related and why are people comparing them with each other?

Often clients come to us talking about AngularJS. How great it is! Do you know how to use AngularJS? The clients want to use AngularJS in their next web project. At the same time, when we design project requirements and discuss technology with them, they discuss Twitter Bootstrap vs AngularJS and come up with questions like,
  • Why are you still using Bootstrap?
  • Isn’t Bootstrap very old technology?
  • I asked to use AngularJS not Bootstrap!
  • They are both JavaScript. Shouldn’t AngularJS suffice?
For these questions about Bootstrap and AngularJS and for clearing up for people searching the Google for Twitter Bootstrap vs AngularJs.  

What is Twitter Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is the most popular front-end CSS framework developed by Twitter for building easy, nice looking and responsive designs. It comprises of some base HTML and CSS for typography, forms, buttons, icons, labels, layouts, panels, navigation as well as support for responsive layout. Using Bootstrap you can avoid writing all the CSS from scratch which saves development time. Its grid system is very nice for setting up layouts. There is some JavaScript in Bootstrap library to help with layout changes, handling events and HTML controls. Bootstrap 2 has support for responsive web design which means that the layout of the web pages adjust dynamically according to the width of the devices. While Bootstrap 3 has adopted a mobile first approach so having responsive design by default. That’s about it in Twitter Bootstrap.  

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS developed by Google is an open-source JavaScript project development framework mainly designed for building single page web applications. It can however make Native mobile apps using ReactJS and more. AngularJS is based on MVC pattern and its feature of two-way data-binding simplifies writing JavaScript for interacting with web application components. AngularJS development is based on the idea that declarative programming should be used to create user interfaces and link software components, while imperative programming is more suitable for defining business logic for applications. But that is debate for another day.  

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How are Twitter Bootstrap and AngularJS related?

Twitter Bootstrap and AngularJS can be used combined to make awesome web applications. AngularJS mainly deals with the logical part of the application while Bootstrap deals with the design. Your application will handle server tasks, HTTP, user interaction through AngularJS and after decision-making, AngularJS returns the control to the browser DOM in shape of code/HTML injection. Thats where Twitter Bootstrap is. For example, let’s suppose we have a web application which contains a simple form. So the styling part of the form is handled by Twitter Bootstrap while saving data of the form is handled by AngularJS.

Why Twitter Bootstrap vs AngularJS?

Most probably people are comparing Bootstrap and AngularJS because they are both front-end frameworks.  And they both have JavaScript in them (although in wayyy different scope.) Also, AngularJS is becoming so popular these days, people wrongly assume that it is taking place of Bootstrap. However, this is not the case, AngularJS and Bootstrap are completely different things. They can’t be compared with each other. As someone on the internet said, AngularJS comparison with Twitter Bootstrap is like comparing apples to fishes. They can be used in websites, web applications and even hybrid HTML5 mobile app development.

Conclusion of Twitter Bootstrap vs AngularJS

If you have requirement to develop a web project then it is totally normal to use both Twitter Bootstrap and AngularJS. Do not be alarmed if your wappalyzer or similar online tool finds your web application using both frameworks. They can come together to create great looking web applications.