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Update WooCommerce to 3.1. Product Importer, Subscriptions, Shipping APIs

WooCommerce released 3.1 on 28th June 2017. We discuss the latest features in the web's most famous ecommerce platform. Discuss features like Product Importer, Subscriptions,…

Update WooCommerce to 3.1. Product Importer, Subscriptions, Shipping APIs

Update WooCommerce to version 3.1

WooCommerce version 3.1 was released on 28th June 2017. And it solved a lot of issues that WooCommerce development experts were handling by adding plugins and tweaking themes and subthemes. It’s a breeze of fresh air and most welcome. Here are somethings that WooCommerce shop owners as well as WooCommerce developers can benefit from when update WooCommerce to 3.1.  

Product Importer

Now you can import all type of products with WooCommerce. Namely you can import attributes like  name, short description, regular price and sale, and more. Plus you can import all standard types of WooCommerce products. WooCommerce will replace Product CSV paid plugin with this built-in functionality.  

Better tie-in with WooCommerce own paid subscriptions

Now, you can activate subscriptions through and then link to your account through your backend. That way you don’t have to add keys and update subscriptions from your website as you can handle updates from’s own panel. This is handy for shop owners.  

Shipping APIs and Labels integrated for USA and Canada

Now you don’t have to integrate third party plugins for calculating shippings and print labels for USPS and Canada Post. As WooCommerce has this functionality integrated. You’ll get live rates for both services. Hire WooCommerce web development Services

Miscelaneous Updates

There are many other smaller updates. Such as,
  • Now you can use oEmbed format to integrate your product descriptions in third party websites.
  • On WooCommerce checkout page, the terms and conditions will now open inside HTML instead of a hyperlink.
  • You can ask customer to re-login on checkout if you feel like it.
There are many other features such as this inside WooCommerce 3.1. The WooCommerce website blog and github repository both give a good account of WooCommerce 3.1. Links to both below in the article.  

Update Your WooCommerce to version to 3.1

It’s important for security and new features that you keep your website updated to latest WooCommerce version 3.1. As a site owner, you should always be lookout for latest versions of WordPress core, plugins and themes. The updated code will run faster, provide more functionality with added benefit of security and hack resistance.  There are a lot of incentives to keep the WooCommerce updated. You can hire a expert WooCommerce development company to update your WooCommerce to latest version 3.1 if unsure at any step. You can view the changelog here. You can read more details about these features on the official blog here.