web security best programming practices

Web Security: Best Programming Practices

We wrote about WordPress security on a shared hosting and what to do if you get hacked. Here we will write about general programming practices to include in your web development projects. This is a technical article so good for your development team.
11 Steps to recover Hacked WordPress on Shared Hosting

11 Steps to recover Hacked WordPress on Shared Hosting

A few weeks ago, our shared hosting account on a famous hosting provider was compromised. The WordPress websites were attacked by a virus which corrupted files with malware.
How to Import Wordpress Users into Laravel

How to Import WordPress Users into Laravel

We have all been there when we forgot the password to one of our Wordpress websites and needed a quick solution. A cursory search in Google will result in information on how you can login through database (through Hosting Panel / Cpanel) and go into Database Management tool such as phpMyAdmin and change password to MD5 of new password.