Web Development

December 4, 2018
How to develop a Wordpress plugin

How to develop a WordPress plugin

When we want to extend functionality in WordPress project, we cannot do changes in core files because, WordPress updates frequently (currently at verion 5) and…
April 25, 2018
How to use Laravel Eloquent Relations - Introduction and usage

How to use Laravel Eloquent Relations

For databases that work on basis of relations i.e rdbms you have to define structure of your database before inserting […]
April 18, 2018

How to enforce HTTPS in Laravel

Installing SSL (URLs that start with https://) on your PHP project and implementing that in your code can be achieved […]
January 25, 2018

Best features for your NDT Reporting Software

Find out what features make an NDT reporting software unique. And does your NDT reporting solution have these features built-in.
December 13, 2017
8 steps on how to prevent MailChimp emails going to Spam?

8 steps on how to prevent MailChimp emails going to Spam?

We provide MailChimp integration services to our clients all over the world. One such client recently asked us to check their eCommerce shop to find…
October 4, 2017

HTML Best Practices

Always test your website or application against these HTML validations. These HTML best practices are important and will add value to your product.
October 3, 2017

Introduction to API Testing

API stands for Application Programming Interface. In simpler words, APIs are stand-alone pieces of software that we send calls to and get the yield. As…
August 30, 2017
8 Steps to CodeIgniter performance optimization

8 Steps to CodeIgniter performance optimization

Website speed optimization is very much important in today’s world of web because of frequent use of large number of hi-res images, third party API’s…
August 21, 2017

Dutch companies benefit from IT outsourcing with The Right Software

Dutch are business savvy people. Dutch Companies  such as Shell, Unilever, ING and Philips are household names all over the world now.At the same time,…