Hire Android Developers

Hire Android Developers

Android is the operating system software that was developed by Google and supported by vendor hardware such as Samsung, HTC, LG and more. With the sheer number of Android devices in the world, its only natural that we provide Android App Developers for these devices for our clients. Android app development services create apps that run on these devices which clients target with their services, products or awareness.

We are mobile app development experts who will take the idea and create the best solutions for you. We work with top of the line tools and software to make your app start from idea to Google Play store in record time.

Standard Features in an Android App

Hire Android developers to integrate or upgrade the follow features in your apps.

Push Notifications

Push notification alerts delivered to the mobile phone.

Backend Admin

iOS apps have back office admin area to manage the data and send updates to app.

API Integration

Your app will connect through API to the backend to update the data in real time.

Location Services

GPS tracking can be used in package tracking apps and Uber-esque ride sharing apps.

Social Media

Allow people to connect and share your app data through Facebook, Twitter and more.

User Analytics

iOS app can track and send analytics data to Google and other services.

In-App Purchases

Allow transactions from within the app making for faster checkout and better ROI.


Your app will have chat facility to talk directly with your clients and better the experience.

Benefits of Android app for your business

With an Android app, you can have following positive effects.

  • Reach over 1.4 billion Android devices [as of 2015]
  • Create a persona for your business
  • Send alerts to your user’s phone
  • Gather valuable marketing data and insights
  • Show ads about your business
  • Bring users together for sense of community
  • Better brand awareness as people find your app and visit your services