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Why choose PHP programming language for web projects?

PHP is a general-purpose language that is available for free use. It has remained the priority of most of the developers for the reason that…

Why choose PHP programming language for web projects?

Web development is now filled with computer languages to build your web applications and web projects. There are old school ColdFusion, VB and ASP. There are newish but established Ruby and Java and there are upcoming Node.js and Go. However, they all pale in the shadow of one ever-present web development language called the PHP. PHP has now entered 7.1 version and still going strong. With strong CMS and CRMs built in PHP, the ready made choices are unbelievable with PHP.

Here we write a few reasons, why we choose PHP for most of our web development projects!


1. It is open source & free

PHP is a general-purpose language that is available for free use. It has remained the priority of most of the developers for the reason that they can access its core functionality without having any subscriptions or payments. This helps them create advance and unique applications using this high-end scripting language. With less expenditure, you can create a wide range of web projects and applications in PHP programming language. Being open-source, the language direction as the community chooses on the popular demand.

2. It’s Compatible with Linux and Windows>

PHP comes with large set of libraries. It is able to handle a plethora of database and caching engines. And you can host it on your Windows and Linux hosting environments. It came with Apache as a server module, then it became CGI then FastCGI and finally, PHP-FPM. Now, the much faster Nginx web server also supports PHP. So this makes configuring PHP, a much broader choice considering the resources and requirements at hand.


3. It has Frameworks and CMS

PHP has extensive list of tools and technologies that make it so popular; it can easily be integrated with multiple libraries and extensions. There are frameworks such as CodeIgniter and Laravel and there are ready content management systems such as Joomla and WordPress. You can obtain ecommerce for your website with WooCommerce and Magento. All built in the ever popular PHP. These frameworks are accomplished software and are very popular themselves against vanilla PHP. All the more reasons to choose PHP over other languages.

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4. Easy learning curve

Working on PHP projects is very quick and easy; hence developing sites or applications don’t take much time. PHP has had the easiest learning curve as its much flexible in its approach. Language constructs are easy to understand and hence most newcomers prefer PHP. However, this makes PHP a double-edged sword and you should always consider hiring a PHP development company for your web work instead of freelancers or newbies.


php share in programming languges
PHP holds almost 80% share in web programming languages

5. It is fast and secure

With PHP 7, the security has been much tightened along with speed. If you take up a good PHP framework such as Laravel and follow web security guidelines for programmers, you are good with most security threats faces by web applications.


6. It’s Easy embedding

PHP can be easily embedded into HTML 5 development codes and other markups without any difficulty, which eventually helps in creating dynamic web solutions. Such functionality of PHP assists developers in transforming and making static files into dynamic functions.


7. Its cost-effective

PHP programmers do not cost as much as other languages such as Ruby or .NET. So it is preferrable for cost-conscious clients to choose PHP. PHP still provides the same peace of mind as other languages but being such a popular language, Its easy to hire PHP development company. You can hire a PHP developer from us on as low as $10 per hour.


No doubt, the charm of PHP will never fade out as it is updated and developed by expert professionals on a daily basis. The infrastructure of this dynamic scripting language helps in creating rich featured applications that are high on demand and usability. A number of famous sites like Facebook, Wikipedia, The White House, etc. are built on it. The extensive support offered by its community helps in managing Php Web development and sites in the long run.