Why Laravel is the best PHP framework

Why Laravel is the best PHP framework

Above illustration of Google Trends clearly shows the popularity transition of PHP frameworks over the past 5 years. Among several PHP frameworks, Laravel is gaining quick lead in last couple of years and still continuing its upward mobility due to its repute worldwide. We pitched Laravel against CodeIgniter, Symfony (technically Laravel but still), Zend and CakePHP. The shift in the trends of PHP frameworks is based on few strong and evident reasons that no other framework can currently fulfill as well as Laravel framework. Related: PHP Framework comparison 2017: CodeIgniter vs Laravel vs Yii vs CakePHP  

Innovative Features of Laravel Framework

  • Routing

    I mean sure CodeIgniter provides routing but does it allow callbacks or filters? Laravel provides comprehensive approach to routing. In Laravel, you can trigger the route to match the URL with ample flexibility and control in the application. edit: CodeIgniter now does provide routing callbacks.
  • Easy authentication

    Offers basic yet perfect interface for authenticating users using only two necessary fields, username and password. It automatically hash the provided password, and compare it with value stored in the users table in database.
  • Composer

    WordPress and CodeIgniter still struggle with composer and integration of third party packages. Laravel gallops on with modern PHP constructs built in.
  • Artisan Console

    To me, the Artisan is the pinnacle of Laravel success. The command-line interface provides a number of helpful commands e.g. run a cron job or scaffolding a controller and model.
  • Bundled with Eloquent

    Unlike other Php frameworks, Laravel provides best implementation of simple ActiveRecord for working with Databases.
  • Caching

    Comes bundled with Redis and Memcache support. You may specify cache driver you like to use by default in application through ‘config/cache.php’ file.
  • HTTP Middleware

    Useful mechanism for filtering HTTP requests entering the application. It does not allow user to enter in middleware without authentication.
  • Unit Testing

    Laravel is built with unit testing facility, providing support for PHPunit and predefined file of ‘phpunit.xml’ to carryout unit testing. Web security has been a ever-present feature in Laravel framework development.
  • Its Fast!

    After Phalcon PHP framework, Laravel has shown to be second fastest framework around.
And the list goes on for incredible features that captured attention of programmers for efficient and organized web development. Laravel is pleasant blend of PHP ease and modernity. If you want to develop rapid corporate web applications with ease and competence, then Laravel is the best PHP framework for you.  

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