Laravel Framework Development

Laravel is a classy MVC PHP framework intended to develop awesome web applications with speed, security and reliability. Laravel boosts up the development time by some of its great features, such as authentication, routing, sessions, and caching. Laravel’s modular packages, dependency manager and eloquent ORM and migrations make it even more lovable for us.

If you want to use PHP and are scared of custom solutions and want an enterprise framework rather than CodeIgniter (more suitable for smaller web applications) then Laravel is your best bet.

Why We Love Laravel:

Laravel currently at a solid 5.4 offers many benefits which though may seem gibberish to a layman provide a wealth of built-in functionality to help with speed  and authenticity of work. Here are some Laravel features we love here at The Right Software:

  • Eloquent ORM

  • Secure routing

  • Restful controllers

  • Use Blade template engine

  • Query builder

  • Multiple Database Connections

  • Automatic Pagination

  • Unit testing

What services we offer

Our team at The Right Software is experienced and highly capable of putting Laravel to its best use for development of cutting-edge solutions for our customers who demand reliable secure web solutions with fast turn-around. Laravel provides great combination of PHP programing and database requirements handling. What aspect we take care of:

  • Enterprise web applications

  • Laravel RESTful Lumen Apps

  • Laravel Ecommerce Development

  • Integrate third-party APIs

  • Upgrade Laravel 4.x Applications to Laravel 5.x

  • Laravel CMS solutions

  • Frontend with AngularJS

  • Nginx server Deployment

Laravel & Ecommerce: A Perfect Match

Furthermore, our Laravel team have already created a complete ecommerce platform for a leading fashion webshop company. With the powerful features of Laravel and our development skill, our solution has extensive ecommerce features and is far better than woocommerce. Ecommerce features that we specialize in are:

  • Speed and reliability

  • Highly customizable

  • Custom front end design

  • Mobile ready design

  • Multi-domain enabled

  • Multi users with capabilities manager

  • Flexible pricing module

  • Drag and drop products sorting

  • Payment gateways integrated

  • Extensive reporting module

  • Stock management

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