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iOS Multiple Targets with CocoaPods

Multiple Xcode Targets with CocoaPods

Use iOS Multiple Targets with CocoaPods to develop two types of iOS apps using a single view application containing a UITableView. We're going to load different ULRs based on the project type and load the appropriate content.

HTML Best Practices

Always test your website or application against these HTML validations. These HTML best practices are important and will add value to your product.
Introduction to API Testing - Tools and Techniques

Introduction to API Testing

API stands for Application Programming Interface. In simpler words, APIs are stand-alone pieces of software that we send calls to and get the yield. As the importance of API development grows, we also realize that being able to test these APIs properly is a crucial task. With APIs, applications talk to each other without any user knowledge or intervention.
How to use storyboards in iOS app development

How to use storyboards in iOS app development

Apple launched storyboards in 2013 for iOS 5 for the visual design of mobile app development. We are an iOS development company and work with storyboards for all our iOS apps. In this article, we'll discuss what iOS storyboards are and how to use them.